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International Shipping: Local Tax and Duty 

  • Most Swish Embassy products ship from the United States
  • Occasionally items may originate in Canada, Australia or the EU
  • Most countries impose local sales tax, fees or duty on international imports
  • You are responsible for paying for these charges upon delivery
  • Deliveries refused due to customs charges will not be refunded  
  • These guidelines are subject to change by their respective countries
Country Regulation Estimate


No duties payable on orders under $800 USD. Local sales tax collected upon purchase where required.


GST collected at purchase.


Great Britain


Shop from SwishEmbassy.CO.UK


Orders shipped to Canada under C$40 are not subject to sales tax. Orders under C$150 are not subject to duty.

Orders over C$40 are subject to GST + PST or HST. Orders over C$150 may be subject to additional duties. Most Swish Embassy products are made in the US, Canada or Mexico and are thus not subject to duties.

GST+PSTor HST on orders over $C40

New Zealand

No GST or duty on items below NZD$60. Items above NZD$60 will be charged GST at 15% and duty at 10%.

See New Zealand Customs Service.

$17.50 USD on 2 t-shirts

EU Countries


Shop from SwishEmbassy.EU for local VAT-inclusive shopping.