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International Package Tracking

Important Information

  • Unless you've selected FedEx or International Priority (DHL), your package will be delivered by your local postal service
  • Your package may be held for pickup if there are any local taxes or duty to be paid (no taxes in Australia)
  • You can find out what taxes you are responsible for here

I Just Received my Shipping Notification Email

  • Your package will begin reporting tracking information as it leaves our facilities in either Los Angeles or Charlotte
  • Your initial tracking number will begin with "PF" which is a temporary 

36-48 hours after Shipping Notification Received

  • Once your order has begun moving throughout the postal service, its tracking number will be replaced with a new one beginning with "LX". (See above)
  • You may use your new tracking number with the United States Postal Service (USPS.com) for more detailed updates before arrival in your country
  • The same tracking number will work with your local postal service once it arrives in your home country

Country Specific Instructions

  • While customs clearance usually takes 1-2 days, your shipment may be held up to 7 days by Australian Customs
  • Your tracking number will change once again and start with a series of zeros (ex 000123456).
  • Remove the zeros and use the remaining numbers to track your package with AusPost.
  • On occasion, orders to Australia are handed over to Fastway Courier instead of AusPost. If the tracking information is not recognized by AusPost, your package is being delivered by Fastway. Please contact Customer Service if you are concerned about the whereabouts of your package.
  • Your tracking number beginning with LX will become trackable with Canada Post.
  • If you selected shipping with Duties Prepaid, your tracking number will begin with a 7 and will not show activity until it arrives in Canada.
  • All orders can be tracked with Canada Post.
  • Your tracking information may show "Delivered" even though you haven't received your package.
  • "Delivered" means your package has been handed over to Royal Mail
  • Use your "LX" tracking number at Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail often forgets to leave a calling card and you may have to monitor the progress of your shipment to see if it's waiting for you at a local Post Office
  • UK orders almost always have fees levied by Royal Mail and HM Customs for customs clearance and VAT
Once your package arrives in your home country, the same updated tracking number may be used with your local postal service.