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Production Process

Production takes 2-7 business

Once you place your order, Swish Embassy's global facilities spring into action to custom make your products on-demand. Here's the journey your order takes from the moment you click 'buy'!

Choose Your Base: We start by selecting the blank garments, fabrics, or other items needed for your order.

Prepare and Prime: We get the garments or fabric ready for printing by applying adhesive solutions.

Create and Craft: We bring your designs to life by printing on shirts or mugs, sewing together allover shirts or leggings, or embroidering designs onto hats.

Quality Check: We meticulously inspect your order for any defects or misprints, and if necessary, we'll reprint or resew to ensure top-notch quality.

Pack It Up: We carefully package your order for shipping and hand it off to our shipping partners. For international orders, we ensure they're all set for export.

Turnaround Time: The entire process takes between 2 to 7 business days. Please note, this is separate from shipping time, which varies based on the method you choose.